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Digestive Issues

How can Acupuncture help with digestive issues such as heartburn, Crohn’s, IBS, bloating, ulcers, diarrhea and constipation?

In Chinese Medicine, the health of the digestive system is essential to proper functioning of all other systems in the body. That is because it is the place where food is transformed into usable “Qi”, for building blocks in the body, and where waste products are eliminated on a regular basis. When there are symptom such as heartburn or even bloating, this indicates that process is not happening properly. It means there are imbalances which must be corrected or the entire body gradually suffers the consequences.

Acupuncture helps to correct these imbalances by reducing the heat of heartburn, promoting proper elimination from the intestines, and restoring the body’s natural ability to digest and excrete food products. Chinese Medicine incorporates a nutritional approach along with acupuncture and Chinese herbs to regulate and restore normal function. Treatment is individualized according to every patient’s particular symptom pattern in order to maximize results. This means that many persons who have been diagnosed with “IBS” by Western doctors, may all receive a different acupuncture treatment, because no individual's condition is exactly the same as another's.

Call for your free consultation today and restore you body to the digestive comfort you once enjoyed. Treat your body to the drug-free, positive benefits that acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can provide for you.

I have suffered with ulcerative colitis for over 10 years. Having been through many western medical treatments with some success, I would always fall out of remission. Acupuncture treatment with Julie has completely changed my life. Through regular visits and continued care, I have been symptom free for over 2 years without any relapses. I have never been so happy… no medications, no drugs, and symptom free…it doesn't get better than that! Thank you, Julie! ~ CT

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