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How do Chinese Herbs work in conjunction with Acupuncture for healing illnesses?

photo_Herbs.jpgChinese Herbs are powerful healing agents, so it is important to work with a practitioner who is certified in the practice of Traditional Chinese Herbology.  Sherri Giamarvo is nationally certified in the art and science of Chinese herbs and uses them extensively in her practice.  Herbal supplements are prepared to support each patient’s individual needs.  Herbs are prescribed in form of liquids (tinctures), pills, capsules, and sometimes powders to be mixed in water. 

When used in conjunction with acupuncture, healing results are usually much quicker, and often several symptoms will clear simultaneously because of the custom tailoring of the herbs.  Special care is always taken to ensure there are no conflicts with any prescription meds being taken.

The reason Chinese herbs can work so specifically, and so quickly, is because of the sophisticated way in which the herbs are categorized:  according to temperature, target organs, sweetness, dryness, spicyness, etc.  That allows a knowledgeable practitioner to choose those special herbs which match a patient’s symptoms and constitutional type.  This results in rebalancing the body and eliminating the unwanted physical ailment.

Sherri Giamarvo is available for herbal consultations as well as acupuncture treatment.  Call to discuss your particular interest or condition and inquire about what would be the best approach for you in achieving better health.  (303) 989-6409.


photo_Moxa.jpgMoxa is often utilized by Sherri at the Roth Acupuncture Center to help in the treatment of certain conditions like infertility, digestive issues, gynecological problems and joint pain.

Moxabustion, often just referred to as “moxa” is the burning of an herb called mugwort.  In China, it is cultivated for medicinal use, dried, and compressed into cigar-like sticks.  When it is lit and held above the skin around acupuncture points, it delivers a warm, energizing effect to the areas of the body where it is needed to strengthen the body’s response to treatment.

Moxabustion is especially helpful in treatment of patients who are easily bothered by cold temperatures (any time of year), those who have arthritic joints which respond well to warmth, and or those who have digestive problems from consuming a lot of raw, uncooked foods.  Stiff and tight muscles often respond best to a combination of moxa along with acupuncture treatment as it stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Moxa comes in many shapes and forms, which allow it to be applied directly to the skin, or to be burned while attached to the distal ends of acupuncture needles.  These treatments are very effective for some people, but are not utilized by Sherri.  For safety reasons,  only the“pole” (cigar form) moxa,  of a smokeless type is used at Roth Acupuncture.


image_cupping.jpgCupping is a Chinese therapeutic practice in which a specially made glass cup is applied to the skin and the air inside the cup is reduced  by using a flame or by suctioning out air in some other mechanical way. The skin and superficial muscle layers are drawn upward and into the cup. Sometimes, massage oil or Chinese liniments are applied on the skin beforehand, allowing the cup to be moved while it is attached to the skin by the suction.  This is referred to as “sliding cups”.   

Cupping is often used by acupuncturists on specific acupuncture points, or on certain regions of the body that are affected by pain.  When the cups are moved along a muscle area, it is said to break up stagnation in the area caused by lactic acid accumulation or simply by “stuck energy” in the region.  This promotes circulation and releases tension in the muscles.

Cupping is especially useful in stopping the symptoms of early stage headcold where it helps to stop fever, release achy muscles, assist the body’s immune response, and quell cough.  In later stage colds and viruses where there is abundant phlegm in the lungs, it helps to release the congestion when cups are applied to lung points on the upper back. 

Cupping is highly effective in treating many muscular-skeletal issues where the muscles are in a tight holding pattern that may be hard to release in other ways.  Many athletes enjoy the benefits of cupping along with acupuncture to keep their bodies in balance and at optimum performance.

Although cupping is historically used for pain syndromes, digestive disorders,  respiratory issues, and gynecological disorders,  it is also a great stress reduction therapy as it stimulates the relaxation response.


How is Nutrition integrated into Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to promote wellness?

photo_FruitsVegatables.jpgGood nutrition along with acupuncture can benefit many ailments such as sinusitis, infertility, headaches, digestive issues, insomnia, anxiety,  womens’ health concerns and many more health problems.

At Roth Acupuncture Center, nutrition is an essential component to treating many health conditions.  Avoidance or inclusion of certain foods can make an enormous difference in how quickly one may respond to treatment and therefore patients are educated about what food choices are best for them in promoting their health.

Nutrition has always been an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine because even the ancient Chinese recognized  the truth in the fact that “You are what you eat” and “Food is Medicine”.   Foods are such an important healing force in the body that in the practice of Chinese Medicine,  all foods are categorized  according to their thermal (hot/cold) properties, or how drying or moistening they are, etc. 

This information is beneficial in guiding a patient to eliminate or to consume specific foods in order to speed the healing of their condition.  For example, if a patient presents with a lot of “damp” symptoms such as abundant phlegm, they can be advised to avoid “dampness causing” foods which contribute to that particular problem (such as dairy products), and instead, consume drying foods (such as celery or pumpkin).  In this way, the phlegm condition can be cleared faster than if the patient was unknowingly consuming foods which were fueling the unwanted symptoms.

When you receive Acupuncture treatment at Roth Acupuncture you will be educated about what you can do at home nutritionally to assist your body in the healing process.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a therapeutic technique used by acupuncturists in the practice of Chinese Medicine. It is also referred to as “coining” or “spooning” because of the common instruments generally used to perform the gua sha.  A round edged instrument (like a porcelain spoon) or a coin is used to make small, scraping strokes across the skin using pressure until there is the appearance of small red blemishes  indicating that there is blood flow to the area. This therapy is often applied to the body in areas where the muscles are very tight and painful. Because Gua Sha promotes normal circulation and improves metabolic processes, patients often experience immediate relief from pain. The redness in the skin which occurs from this treatment generally fades in 2 to 3 days and is not harmful in any way.

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