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How is Nutrition integrated into Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to promote wellness?

photo_FruitsVegatables.jpgGood nutrition along with acupuncture can benefit many ailments such as sinusitis, infertility, headaches, digestive issues, insomnia, anxiety,  womens’ health concerns and many more health problems.

At Roth Acupuncture Center, Julie Roth is very knowledgeable in the field of nutrition which is an essential issue to consider in treating many health conditions.  Avoidance or inclusion of certain foods can make an enormous difference in how quickly one may respond to treatment and therefore patients are educated about what food choices are best for them in promoting their health.

Nutrition has always been an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine because even the ancient Chinese recognized  the truth in the fact that “You are what you eat” and “Food is Medicine”.   Foods are such an important healing force in the body that in the practice of Chinese Medicine,  all foods are categorized  according to their thermal (hot/cold) properties, or how drying or moistening they are, etc. 

This information is beneficial in guiding a patient to eliminate or to consume specific foods in order to speed the healing of their condition.  For example, if a patient presents with a lot of “damp” symptoms such as abundant phlegm, they can be advised to avoid “dampness causing” foods which contribute to that particular problem (such as dairy products), and instead, consume drying foods (such as celery or pumpkin).  In this way, the phlegm condition can be cleared faster than if the patient was unknowingly consuming foods which were fueling the unwanted symptoms.

When you receive Acupuncture treatment at Roth Acupuncture you will be educated about what you can do at home nutritionally to assist your body in the healing process.



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