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Fertility Testimonials

At age 36 I was diagnosed with high FSH and a 0-5% chance of getting pregnant with my own eggs. I began acupuncture and herbs and diet as prescribed by Julie. Since beginning my treatments, I have conceived naturally 4 times, with only one miscarriage and I have two beautiful, healthy children with another on the way. I continued acupuncture during all my pregnancies and found it to be very helpful. Acupuncture re-established a balance in my body that helped me overcome the terrible odds I had been given and allowed me to become pregnant. I wholeheartedly recommend Julie's approach through Chinese Medicine for anyone struggling with infertility. ~ TR

My husband and I were trying to conceive for nearly two years and were on the verge of undergoing western infertility treatments. But first, I wanted to try some alternatives, and began treatments with Julie. After only two months of acupuncture, herbs and other therapies recommended by Julie, we conceived. We have a beautiful baby boy and our second child is now on the way. I have chosen to continue with regular acupuncture treatments throughout this time. ~ LH

After trying unsuccessfully to conceive for three years, my husband and I went to a specialist for help. After many tests, we were told we had less than 10% chance of conceiving naturally due to my lack of eggs. If we wanted children, we would have to use donor eggs or adopt. It was then that my Ob-Gyn suggested I try acupuncture and she recommended Julie Roth. Any uneasiness I had about needles was put to rest the moment I met Julie. She was calm, knowledgeable, and extremely positive. In addition to weekly acupuncture treatments, Julie prescribed herbs and made dietary recommendations. I followed them diligently. I got pregnant five months after I started, and our beautiful daughter is now 2 months old. We have Julie to thank and I highly recommend her
~ AN

I found Julie after researching acupuncturists for fertility, and I'm so glad I found her! My hormones were out of balance, which was keeping me from getting pregnant, and I did not want to be put on synthetic hormones. My treatments with Julie have helped bring my body back into balance naturally and I feel so much healthier than before. I am now almost 12 weeks pregnant and I am continuing acupuncture to help support me throughout the pregnancy. Thank you, Julie!
~ JA,

General Testimonials

I have suffered with ulcerative colitis for over 10 years. Having been through many western medical treatments with some success, I would always fall out of remission. Acupuncture treatment with Julie has completely changed my life. Through regular visits and continued care, I have been symptom free for over 2 years without any relapses. I have never been so happy… no medications, no drugs, and symptom free…it doesn't get better than that! Thank you, Julie! ~ CT

Two years ago I suffered from severe back pain. I had been treated multiple times by my chiropractor and was even seen by an orthopedic doctor. None could stop the pain which traveled down both the front and back of my legs. I had lost feeling in the lower half of my left leg. After the first acupuncture treatment with Julie, the pain was gone. After 3 treatments the feeling was back in my leg. Since then I have been treated for chest congestion and even sugar cravings, always with success. It has turned me into a believer!
~ KT

I began acupuncture treatments with Julie for arthritis in my knees which made walking very painful. I also had asthma and severe migraine headaches. With treatment, the pain in my knees gradually went away and I am able to lead a normal active life. Meantime, with regular treatments, my asthma attacks became fewer, the pressure I often felt in my chest went away, and I have not taken any medications or allergy shots for over 8 years. The migraines, too, disappeared, and I have not had any for many years. Julie demonstrates expert knowledge in Chinese medicine and my experience with her has been very positive with results which have improved my quality of life. She is honest and understanding and explains the process in a way that is comfortable and painless. She brings a quiet, comforting and compassionate presence to her patients. My husband and I have recommended many friends and co-workers to Julie for acupuncture.

I began working with Julie nearly 10 years ago to help with my allergies. Once she helped me get that under control I started working on other issues including low energy and menopausal symptoms, with great results.

Ten years ago I came to Julie for treatment of pain associated with diabetic neuropathy. My condition has been brought under control with acupuncture and without any drugs. Julie is helpful in evaluating when some conditions may be effectively treated by adding a different alternative modality, and she is a great resource. She is an excellent communicator, with a caring nature and positive outlook which also is a benefit to her clients.
~ KW

When I first started treatment at Roth Acupuncture, my low back and legs were in so much pain it was an effort just to get up from a chair. Julie has been able to eliminate this pain and make life more enjoyable. I also suffer from chronic tension in my neck and shoulders due to computer work. I tried other solutions, but without result. Acupuncture with Julie has made a huge difference in my life. Julie truly cares for her patients - she works with you until resolution of the problem. I would highly recommend Roth Acupuncture to everyone!
~ DK

I began getting acupuncture for migraines several years ago when they were so long and difficult I simply couldn't function. To say the least, Julie is a "Godsend". I no longer suffer from the migraines, and the headaches I occasionally get are nothing in comparison. She has also helped me with foot cramping and has been able to recommend herbs to help with other ailments too. She truly knows what she is doing and I appreciate all she has done for me.
~ KS

I have had endometriosis since I was 17 and after years of surgeries and medications, I was desperate to try something else. Since working with Julie my pain is totally managed and my condition, for the first time, is under control. Julie's consistent professionalism and kindness are noteworthy - I have, and will continue to, recommend her to anyone.
~ HN

Who says that we "seasoned citizens" won't try anything new?? For me, it started with a sore shoulder that was limiting my motion and causing me to sleep poorly. Once that was better, a sciatic pain was addressed, and then when two accidents put me in need of "healthy healing", Julie was there to assist. I now consider acupuncture to be part of my routine to enhanced healthy living! It keeps me tuned up and in tune!

For the past 6 years Julie Roth has been helping me to maintain good health. Julie's acupuncture treatments have helped me with chronic back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, post surgical recovery, and various other injuries and illnesses. Julie takes good notes while we are talking and is always prepared to treat me without my having to repeat what we previously discussed. She is also willing to refer to other health professionals if there is something she cannot help with. I find Julie to be knowledgeable, professional, and truly caring about the people she is treating.
~ PP


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